Bolt-on Type MCB DBs – Row Series

Suvire Distribution Boards are very compact with ample space  for easy connections and cabling. The distribution boards are type tested at ‘KEMA Netherlands

Technical Data

Reference standards BS 61439
Busbar rating 100A, 17.5kA
Incoming device a. 100A Isolator
b. 40/63/100A ELCB having sensitivity 30/100/300mA
c. Combination of Isolator + ELCB
Outgoing 6 to 60A SP/TP Plug-in MCBs
Rated Voltage Single phase 240V AC, 50/60Hz. Three phase 415AC, 50/60 Hz.
Number of outgoing circuits Based on customer request, customized configurations are available.
Shade Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Finish Textured
Ingress Protection IP 41

No of Rows FLUSH TYPE Height(H) x Width(W) x Depth (D) (in “mm”) SURFACE TYPE Height(H) x Width(W) x Depth (D) (in “mm”)
1 Row 303X467X111 290X454X111
2 Row 453X467X111 440X454X111
3 Row 603X467X111 590X454X111
4 Row 753X467X111 740X454X111
5 Row 903X467X111 890X454X111
6 Row 1053X467X111 1040X454X111


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