Combiner, Re-Combiner box
with a Global Footprint

  • 14way 2400A 1000Vdc MCCB with fixed O/L tripping
  • I P 55 outdoor Panel
  • Data Acquision system for Monitoring the Current
  • IP & Temperature raise are tested in CPRI
  • Hot compression molded GRP/PC
  • Non&conducve, impact resistant, UV resistant,
    flame retardant
  • Polyurethane gasket provides waterght, dust & tight
    environmental seal
  • Stainless steel used on all external hardware
  • CE Marking



  • Rated for 1000VDC or 1500VDC & continuous duty
  • Touch & Safe fuse holders and power distribution blocks for safe operation
  • Configured for positive, negative grounded arrays,
    and bipolar arrays (to 1000VDC combined voltage)
  • 63 to 315A DC Disconnecting switch
  • Hall effect based current transducer
  • IP 66 Mc4 Connectors
  • Type 2 surge protection device
  • Rated for continuous operation at 50°C
  • Product ensures maximum operational & personnel
    safety, highest reliability & operational friendliness
  • Compact design ensures small foot print Minimum
    usage of components ensures reduced maintenance
  • Simple and reliable operating mechanism ensures
    reduced life cycle cost
  • Large Installed base

Technical Specifications

Electrical Parameters:

  • Max Rated working volts: 1000/1500VDC
  • Rated insulation Volts : 1000/1500V VDC
  • Rated Impulse withstand Volts : 8 Kv

Control Circuit:

  • 1000 Vac TO 24 Vdc
  • 230 Vac TO 24 Vdc
  • 24 Vdc TO 15 Vdc

Communication Protocol:

  • Mod Bus RS 485


  • DC Voltage : 1000V / 1500 V
  • String : 8/12/16/24 Nos
  • DC current of Each String : 9/16/20A
  • Cable Cross section : 4/6 mm


  • DC Voltage : 1000 / 1500 V MAX
  • DC Current : 63A to 2400A

Standard Materials and Finishes

  • Hot compression molded GRP/PC
  • rNeotanr-dcoanndt.uctive, impact resistant, UV resistant, flame
  • ePnovlyiruornetmheanntea gl aseskael.t provides watertight, dust-tight
  • Stainless steel used on all external hardware


  • Fited between solar modules and the inverter; the generator combiner boxes bring together the electricity that has been generated.
  • In Large photovoltaic (PV) systems, Multiple combiner boxes are often necessary; outputs of these combiner boxes may need to be combined again-recombined-before reaching a central inverter.
  • The Combiner provides for fuse protection of the system in the Unlikely event that a problem with a source circuit leads to abnormally high current.
  • The Basic Combine provides a convenient means of diagnosing the DC portion of a PV system for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • These provide an optimal connection system, and also protection and monitoring systems.


Suvire Solar Combiner Boxes & Re-combiner Box are designed and built to minimize system costs by providing maximum flexibility. Sizes range from 1 to 24* input circuits, with durable enclosures, engineered and manufactured to perform in the harshest environmental conditions.