Plant & Machinery


AMADA 48 station CNC Turret Punch Press with additional special tools for sheet metal fabrication.The compact AC NT series TPP is designed with a variety of functional process integrations and environmental considerations.

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Pre-Treatment/Powder Coating

Fully automated ,Eco friendly, Swiss make, ITW-GEMA Powder Coating plant.
It consists of: Pre-treatment Bath, Drying, Powder Coating Booth, Curing. Hot air drying removes all the wetting agents.

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The gasketing technology (jointless   termination) used for our panel  and encloses ensure higher IP rating and these also rugged enough to with standard reasonable physical abuses.

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AMADA RG and Energy Mission, NC Press Brakes. AMADA press brake series offers unparalleled performance and precision, enhanced by a highly simplified setup. It utilizes a centrally located primary cylinder that ensures

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Operation of a well-organized platform in the assembly area reduces cycle time. The assembly team enhances the customer service dimension by ensuring prompt delivery of products with high quality standards.

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Bus Bar Processing

State of the art bus bar machine to shear (single stroke burr free), punch and bend bus bars to meet wide array of requirements. Offsets on Bus bars can be done in various angles with error free output.

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Welding stations consists of Esab CO2 and Stud welding machines. The equipments are monitored periodically for any potential source of defects that might affect product quality during the welding operations.Competent technicians

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Robotic Welding

Panasonic robotic welding machine is used which makes uniformity of weld beads in appearance with increased motion speed. The joints are grinding free and spatter less and offers increased production efficiency.

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Pneumatic controlled rivet machine to rivet clinch studs, clinch nuts and Standoffs, that provide load carrying threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped or to avoid welding in case of non-powder coated jobs.

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